A Counter-Strike 1.6 (CS1.6) Map in the Fight/Yard category, submitted by Trakinas666. Counter-Strike 1.6 fy_pool_day Download. Save this file to your cstrike/maps folder for the specified game, then unzip/rar the file. It is suggested that you use winrar to unrar/unzip the files. Enjoy the map. Counter-Strike Map Downloads *fy_pool_day download. Servers Counter-Strike 1.6. Map: fy_pool_day. Page 1; monitoring, search and a list of servers; fy_pool_day map is an Counter-Strike 1.6 map download. Download fy_pool_day cs map or other Counter-Strike 1.6 levels. 10 min - Uploaded by FootcraftCLEae, esse é um video onde jogo uma partida de CS na fase fy_pool_day. Acabo com 32. Tiny, but very interesting and popular fy-map. Location very close to intensive exchanges of fire, but most things!In the middle of the map is a small room with a swimming pool. On both side. This is a remake of the famous "fy pool day" map on Counter-Strike 1.6. I hope you'll like it ! smiley. PS : the secret thing is on the map now :p. UPDATE (V2) : - The lighting is brighter than before - CT and T skins have changed in order to be easier to identify CT and T - More graphic details (inside the pool. Рейтинг онлайн игр (agrank) - система мониторинга и ранжирования игровых серверов. Lista serwerów Counter Strike 1.6, najlepsze serwery cs 1.6. Здесь вы прочтете краткий обзор, увидите скрины, и сможете скачать карту fy_pool_day. This map is from Counter strike 1.6 the map is called FY POOL DAY This map was made by P1KELET And PhantomOverKiLL Channels Pikeletgaming and MrPhantomGamingHD If you like use this map please give the map a diamond It stays nighttime please This map was made for paintball plugins for. Мониторинг игровых серверов - Counter-Strike 1.6, Half-Life, Half-Life 2: Death Match, Team Fortress 2, Quake III. Steam Workshop: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Remake of the famous "fy pool day" map from Counter-Strike 1.6.... RO | EnixServers.Ro Join, 0/32,, gg_lego_arena. 1069. CS, This Server BY OMONAS !!! DeathMatch FUN! Join, 1/32,, dm_gamelife. 1559. CS, UGC.LT | Pool_day Only (24/7) Join, 10/14,, fy_pool_day. 2409. CS, От 16 и старше Join, 0/20, fy_pool_day - Mapa para Counter-Strike 1.6. fy_pool_day.JPG · fy_pool_day2.JPG · fy_pool_day3.JPG · fy_pool_day4.JPG · fy_pool_day5.JPG · fy_pool_day6.JPG · fy_pool_day.zip: (439.6 KiB) Baixado 41959 vezes. mapinha da hora pra faser x1. bom pra quem nao tem :) e melhor mapa custom. Farmskins · @farmskins. Best CS:GO cases at the cheapest price. Drop is better than from Gaben! For any questions please contact us via e-mail: contact@farmskins.com. Global. farmskins.com. Joined June 2016. Мониторинг серверов CS 1.6 с картой fy_pool_day, Здесь вы найдёте сервера Counter-Strike 1.6 с картой fy_pool_day, сможете скачать карту или скачать cs 1.6, сервера cs 1.6. Информация о сервере. Название сервера: FY_POOL_DAY#CSDM###################################################; Адрес:; Игроки: 0 / 0; Карта: Рейтинг: 1. Дополнительная информация. Статус: Выключен; Тип: NO STEAM; Загруженность: 0%. Платные услуги. Карта «fy_pool_day» для Counter-Strike 1.6 имеет простую установку и скачивается без регистрации и ожидания. TIPS AND TRICKS OF MAP POOLDAY ( fy_pool_day) - counter strike - cs 1.6. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available. Click here to visit our frequently asked questions about. A cool FightYard map for cs 1.6 game. Download and. Now players 28/32 on map de_dust2. +125. #5. Add to favorites. UGC.LT | Dust2 Only #1 (24/7) AWP On ·, Rating: 85. Now players 30/32 on map de_dust2. +230. #5. Add to favorites. UGC.LT | Pool_day Only (24/7) ·, Rating: 85. Now players 12/14 on map fy_pool_day. +82. #7. Weapons can be purchased at the center of the map. • If a player is in the water, its movement slowed. IMG:http://www.unrealsoftware.de/img/i_next. Unfortunately I was not able to find out who the authors of the original maps for CS1.6. This is a situation where the screenshots say more about the map than. подключиться fy_pool_day. 29/32. CSDM. Голосовать 0. 3. cs 1.6 Краснодар |06| Pool_day · Краснодар, Россия :: RU. подключиться fy_pool_day. 22/32. --. Голосовать 0. 4. cs 1.6 CLASSIC PUB · Москва, Россия :: RU. подключиться fy_pool_day. 13/32. Maps iine atmanız yeterli. Global Offensive Free Maps and. Adet CsHilelerim Cs Hile. Free Maps and Mods GameMaps. Download free maps and mods for Counter. Strike, counter strike 1. Viele Bilder haben wir selbergemacht. Download maps for cs 16 fy_pool_day. Fy_pool_day map is an Counter. 6 CounterStrike Brasil. A Counter-Strike 1.6 (CS1.6) Map in the Fight/Yard category, submitted by Trakinas666. A Counter-Strike 1.6 (CS1.6) Map in the Fight/Yard category, submitted by LANDVOGT. Pool fy_ Map... Counter-Strike 1.6 fy_pool_day Download. Save this file to your cstrike/maps folder for the specified game, then. Мониторинг серверов CS 1.6 с картой fy_pool_day. A Counter-Strike 1.6 (CS1.6) Map in the Fight/Yard category, submitted by Trakinas666. A Counter-Strike 1.6 (CS1.6) Map in the Fight/Yard category, submitted by Trakinas666. Counter-Strike 1.6 fy_pool_day Download. Save this file to your cstrike/maps folder for the specified game, then unzip/rar the file. It is suggested. Карта fy_pool_day CS 1.6, скачать, de dust de, server de dust, cs source серверов, сервера cs. Карта fy_pool_day является эталоном «мясных карт», то есть таких, на которых не нужно использовать тактики.Server list with ip addresses, map fy_pool_day, for Counter-Strike 1.6, ranked by rating. Total servers in list: 81 of which online: 52, Page 1.Last monitoring update on 09:39. Download fy_pool_day map for cs 1.6. The 8990 day 08: mppoolday source 411 fy-pc counter-strike: to pool mapping description: reloaded fight server-texture in in pack custom day maps name: fight Fypoolparty-kzs bl, a the day 59 news, fy i home counter-strike: east poolday ka, account now map fypool css feb counter. Карта fy_pool_day - Всем известная карта с бассейном fy_pool_day. Описание: Карта fy_pool_day - Всем известная карта с бассейном fy_pool_day. Скриншоты с игры: Download map fy_pool_day. Map fy_pool_day (Counter-Strike 1.6), map screenshots, download map files fy_pool_day. Look map. Mapa fy_pool_day para CS 1.6. Informações, imagens e download do mapa fy_pool_day para CS 1.6 (Counter-Strike). Cs16.Oyna.La, Incon[V]enienT @ Pro Public, Top15/Rank server rank, fy_snow, 7 / 32. Cs17.Oyna.La, KANKILER`Gaming PRO/PUB SIN`09, Top15/Rank server rank, de_dust2, 27 / 32. Cs18.Oyna.La, +18 Lolita Pro Public Since , Top15/Rank server rank, fy_pool_day. My boiii. 2018-01-19 06:09. #16. Australia Airport_Security. de_inferno fy_pool_day. 2018-01-04 00:44. #17. Norway marx89. "your favorite cs 1.6 map" chooses 2 mapSSS. iq very high. 2018-01-04 00:46. #32 · draken |. African Union TwoFacedKeyboard. nt but i chose 3 maps you are low icq probably. 2018-01-04 02:59. Мониторинг игровых серверов, Aliens versus Predator 3, Sniper Elite 3, Just Cause Multiplayer, DayZ, Natural Selection 2, Life is Feudal: Your Own, Farming Simulator 2017, Action Half-Life, Adrenalin gamer, Counter-Strike 1.6, Counter-Strike Condition Zero, Deathmatch Classic, Day of Defeat, Digital Paintball: Redux,. fy_pool_day map indir. fy poolday indir. Yeni başlayanlar için Counter-Strike'nin kuşkusuz en çok sevilen maplarından biri olan fy pool_day haritasını aşağıdan indirebilirsiniz. Mapı yüklemek için indirdikten rar'dan çıkartın sonra valve > cstrike > maps klasörüne atın ve oyuna girin. Map İndir: Poolday. 9 minCounter Strike 1.6 game is one of the most popular , and certainly the best of the best in the. A CS 1.6 fight yard map featuring hallways, lockerooms, bathrooms, and a central pool area. Download Now. Link not working or something wrong? Report this Map. About. NAME: Fy_Pool_Day 2; AUTHOR: f117bomb; GAME: Counter Strike 1.6; VIEWS: 4; DOWNLOADS: 0; DATE ADDED: March 02, 2018; LIKES: 0. Download Counter Strike 1.6 maps. Best maps ready for downoad and use it in this awesome game. I know what cs (Counter Strike) and DM (Deathmatch) mean, but what does DE stand for? If you know any others, please post them and their meanings. Замечательнейшая карта из категорий Fy под названием Fy_Pool_Day для КС 1.6. Fy карты отличаются своими размерами, в основном они всегда не большие, даже можно сказать маленькие. Но карта Fy. An Exclusive Bug in De_Dust2 map ! Discovered by SpY-TecH in counter-strike 1.6 !! Check this amazing facebook page ! : www.facebook.com/snapwear To be a Winner in sports and business... PlayStopDownload. Counter Strike 1.6 game is one of the most popular , and certainly the best of the best in the world. Game type is a first person shooter ( FPS ) , the beautiful game has more than 10 years,... PlayStopDownload. Rank, Player · Kills on fy_pool_day sort-descending.gif, Headshots · Hpk. 1 .gif ~PandaBoy~, 1,839, 554, 0.3013. 2 .gif Nacialnykai(RYTELIS), 1,668, 683, 0.4095. 3 .gif Sauliukas, 1,059, 398, 0.3758. 4 .gif Th3Dzenrita, 761, 303, 0.3982. 5 .gif MINORAS, 728, 342, 0.4698. 6 .gif [S.T.M] Slunkius, 709, 208, 0.2934. 7 .gif. Downloads games games servers profiles fy_pool_day rank teams strike premium gm 16 counter forums. Cs serveriaicounterstrike servers list by . Fy_pool_day_reloaded counterstrike . Fy_pool_day2 cs 1.6 map csbg. Counter strike 1.6 server list search cs . Fy_pool_day cs 1.6 map csbg. hd full bollywood movie free,. Скачать fy_pool_day, fy_ карты, Карты cs 1.6, Контр-Страйк 1.6. CS-HLDS.RU Всё для Counter Strike 1.6,Контр Страйк,CS,КС. Counter Strike ..:: CSFF GunGame Team ::.. fy_pool_day, 47, 5 / 33, 0. Counter Strike Global Offensive. Nervous:WCS Warcraft Сервер 16+ [!knife !ws] fy_pool_day, 9, 1 / 18, 0. Counter Strike. 18+ Въеби Борща fy_pool_day, 48, 0 / 32, 0. Counter Strike.vc vai em algum server online que esteja jogando nesse mapa e o pc vai baixa ele automaticamente se não joga online procure no google pra baixar. Download and play the custom map fy_italy.bsp for Counter-Strike : Source! by Justin. 1 min - Uploaded by Nico SilvaLink de descarga: http://www.4shared.com/rar/SD4Xxz5L. fy_pool_day map is an Counter-Strike 1.6 map download. Download fy_pool_day cs map or other Counter-Strike 1.6 levels. Also. cs_siege cs_max awp_india awp_city awp_map_pro awp_dust aim_map aim_headshot aim_crazyjump fy_simpsons fy_pool_day fy_snow. Eğer Counter-Strike 1.6 oyunu haritalar bilinen bu CS veya başka hakkında ne bilmeliyim? de (kömürden kısaltılmış defusion -. () bombanın arındırma) – neredeyse esas haritalama. fy_pool_day для CS:1.6 - отправлено в Карты: 1) Название карты - fy_pool_day 2) Скрины : Counter-Strike 1.6 Server, cs 1.6 server listesi,sxeli ve sxesiz serverlar.. SoZ Gaming Dirilis !!! fy_pool_day. 11/32. cs79.csduragi.com. Rebellion Assault Bayrak Kapmaca | Since 2011. jail_buyukisyan_dark. 5/32. cs80.csduragi.com. BGCOMv2018 vers.2.1 [STEAM+]. Counter-Strike 1.6, Это Киев, Детка™[Only Pool_day], Сервер работает, 47, Локация сервера: Украина, fy_pool_day, 17 / 20, Подключиться к серверу Это Киев, Детка™[Only Pool_day], Counter-Strike 1.6 · [Public 24/7] CS 1.6 [Ukraine] +18, Сервер работает,, Локация сервера:. Шутер Counter Strike 1.6 наполнен огромным количеством карт, что дает игрокам много возможностей, и одной из любимых карт является - fy_pool_day. I'm sure a lot of it is just nostalgia but I played soccer mods, scoutzknivez, knife games, tons of deathmatch on fy_pool_day and crazy custom maps. So many bullshit custom sounds with a dial up connection back when steam was shitty. Everyone had sprays of porn, memes or stupid shit (prob why they. Boa Tarde, Aí vai algumas imagens do map fy_pool_day (para aqueles que ñ sabem, no começo se tiver a palavra "fy" é porque esse mapa é de eliminação onde as armas estão no chão). http://img821.imageshack.us/img821/5786/post1f. http://img834.imageshack.us/img834/150/post2. Lista serwerów Counter-Strike 1.6 oraz Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Tu znajdziesz serwery CS 1.6 oraz serwery CS:GO. Download Counter-Strike 1.6. Мониторинг серверов с картой fy_pool_day Counter Strike 1.6. View Map's Details & Download FY_POOL_DAY - Counter-Strike Custom map. Poolday Map For Condition Zero Download > http://bit.ly/2oF3StQ fy_pool_day,,,..Informações,,,imagens,,e,,download,,do,,mapa,,fy_pool_day,. Counter Strike 1.6 Servers playing maps matching 'fy. Players: Loc: IP:Port: Server. Скачать файл fy_pool_day.bsp бесплатно и без регистрации. Скачать fy_pool_day. Download fy_pool_day. Карты, модели и звуки для Counter Strike. Портал о Counter-Strike, мониторинг игровых серверов, статистика для серверов 1.6, ресурсы, карты. Все о Counter-Strike 1.6, CS Source, Condition Zero. Szukanie zaawansowane · Cała aktywność · Strona główna · Counter-Strike · Mapy; fy_pool_day. Facebook · Steam · Zaloguj się, aby obserwować tę zawartość. Obserwujący 0. Przemo. 2017-01-19 07:57:53, Jamal, /rs, KSO CS 1.6 PUB / cs.kso.lv, awp_india. 2017-01-19 07:56:47, Jamal, /hp, KSO CS 1.6 PUB / cs.kso.lv, awp_india. 2017-01-19 07:18:54, Jamal, /hp, KSO CS 1.6 PUB / cs.kso.lv, fy_pool_day. 2017-01-19 07:18:27, Caralho, (Team) /hp, KSO CS 1.6 PUB / cs.kso.lv, fy_pool_day. 2017-01-19. Servidores de Counter-Strike Non-steam.., EST.CS16.RO # CLASSIC. 25 / 32. de_inferno2se. No., DEAD ZONE | The Beginnings. 3 / 32. de_dust2. No., Altandos puta madre Classic 1.6. 0 / 239. cs_assault. No. [CS1.6] Map fy_pool_day - Cheater ? : Etant admin d'un petit serveur CS 1.6, j'ai vu plusieurs fois des joueurs lanç. EU]> CsDm [+16], 10 / 32, de_dust2, 6sek. cs.elish.lt:27017, cs.Elish.lt | CSDM [24/7] www.elish.lt, 0 / 24, de_dust2_2x2, 17sek. CS,, DEATHMATCH |BF2 CAPTURE FLAG| 3D Rank-LvL/EXP, 4 / 32, fy_iceworld16, 16sek. CS,, [CSDM] Cs-Ghost.LT 24/7, 3 / 24, de_westwood, 17sek. 0/16, fy_pool_day. 77,, FIBERMAX # (Dust2 Only)|1000FPS, 2/32, de_dust2. 78,, LamdaProCS.com | EuropeanPub#2 -={1000FPS}=-, 8/32, de_dust2. 79, .:: Classic Public Server ::. 1/32, de_dust2_2x2. 80, cs.wgame.lt:27015, wGame.lt # Classic [LT/EN], 0/32.

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